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Leading NonProfit Organizations isn't for the weak!

The truth is that nonprofit organizations can be all of the above. This is where I can help you. Whether you are the executive director of an organization or a board member I can help you overcome the greatest challenges you face when you enter the nonprofit world.

Executive Directors and members of the Board of Directors exist in a relationship that is both unique and fragile. The executive needs the support of the board to be effective and yet needs to firmly lead the board. The board members need to supervise the executive and provide guidance and direction, yet still be able to defer to the expertise and leadership of their executive.

This delicate balance is at the heart of all non-profit organizations, large and small, and when the executive and the board are in sync all things are possible. When either one or both are out of sync even the most well endowed organizations can slowly grind to a halt.

My programs are designed to cut to the heart of the matter for the executive, and for the governing board. Please take a look at my synopsis and see for yourself.

I can help you keep your organization & career on track